Saturday, March 8, 2014

Emotional Day

This morning I found out from my older sister that my father had passed away. It was sort of expected but not entirely. Even though I haven't been very close to my father the last few years it's still a sad day, needless to say.

Life goes on and with my kids it's as busy as ever. Just today my son Hudson officially rolled over (it was witnessed by all the kids except Kelton). I love those moments and I don't want to miss any if possible. My kids didn't really know him and I suspect that is one of the things that makes me the most sad. Even Alison didn't know him that well. Except for my siblings I'm left to grieve on my own. Not even my mother will grieve for him. He caused too much damage years before and I don't think she has any tears left to shed.

The mere fact of what could have been is probably the most troubling of all. My dad just didn't seem to want to have a connection me, my siblings and our children. I'm not sure I'll ever understand that one. I'd like to believe that he was willing to reconcile before he had his 1st stroke. At least he seemed willing after a conversation I had with him prior. After the stroke, however, he didn't seem to know us or if he did know us it was like a distant memory. I guess I'll never know if there could have been some kind of reconciliation. I think I'll be more content believing that it could've been different.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

March and April 2013

 Halle loves to sing and we love to listen to her sing.  She can make up a song about anything.  

 Kelton and Halle sang in their music programs at school!

 That's my girl!  Smiling for the camera!  I've taught her well.

 There's my other girlie!  Always staying focused on the camera!  That's how I know it's my child.  There the one that is focused on the camera : )
 Kara was in the honor choir.  Front and center.  
 Can you tell she's obedient.  I think obedience is written all over her face and outfit.  Even the shirt tucked in just so and the pants pulled up just a little to high.  She just oozes obedience.  
 Hayden's the little blonde blurry guy!  He played the TUBA in the band!  Everything is easy for this guy and ruffling his feathers is heard to do unless of course were talking about rules!
 We love to go to the movies.
 I don't normally take pictures of the kids at the movies, but they do love going to the movie theatre!  If we know there is a good movie coming out the kids get very excited for it.

 Kelton and Halle are very creative in there play.  If they can't play outside the garage is great for an obstacle course.  Only problem sometimes the car gets scratched.
 There are bunnies all over Reno.  The kids love watching the bunnies in our backyard.  Its a tiny backyard, but we always have bunnies!

 I think Croods was our favorite movie this year!!!

 Easter time!  The neighborhood we live in put on a big Easter Egg Hunt!
 All the kids made out like bandits!  Funny there was the tinies little things in each egg so when they were all opened there really wasnt much stuff even though it looked like there was going to be.
 I was a good mom this year and we colored eggs, and the natives were Happy!
 He looks Happy?
 Yeah the Easter Bunny even came!

 I went on a field trip to the Discovery Musuem with Halle's class.
 And we took Selfies of us!

 Hayden was in his school play with his cousins!
 He was very good at mopping the decks!

 Cousin Payton, and Cousin Carson, and Hayden were all in the little Mermaid 
 We all went and watched the play!
 Gma and Gpa came!  We love when they come to visit.  I kept both pictures because one is over exposed, but the other is kind of blurry.  I couldn't decide which one to delete.

 The whole family!
 The stage.
 We went to Idaho for Spring Break!
 Hayden and Cousin George
 Halle, Kara, Hayden, Kelton, Reggie and George.
 We love Idaho.  There will always be a soft spot in our heart for Idaho.  So many wonderful memories, family and friends.

 Love these two pictures.  It makes me so happy and sad all at once. How fragile life is.  4 months from this time we would be back in Idaho at Grandma Benge's funeral.  Im so grateful for my memories of Grandma Benge and the time I had with her.  Love, love my grandmas.  My little Halle loves her Great Grandma's.

 Kelton made a robot, which he was very proud of.  He wore it around non stop for days.  He let Halle wear it too.
 Halle and Kelton like to pretend they are cats on the back fence!
The months just flew by!  We enjoyed the beautiful clear blue skies and mountains in Reno!

Kara turns 11!

Kara turned 11!!!  Wow that sounds old!  WE love our tiny KARA!
 She decided she wanted to go roller skating with her cousins.
 We had lots of fun!
I think Kelton wants to blow out the candles!

 Kara got an ipod and Kelton is very excited!

 Uncle Ryan tries to annoy Halle by pinching her nose!

Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl inside and out.  Kara loves to sing and keep things clean.  She is always trying to think of ways to make the home we are renting here in Reno more beautiful.  She is also a very good cleaner and organizer.  We love our little Kare Bear.